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You Tube Intro

YouTube has just become my latest addition to forwarding traffic to the Blog, and also my Flickr page. With a 15 sec little clip that will hopefully grab sum peoples attention.

For your viewing convenience the uploading is embedded above.


Flickr Stats Update

Andrew Bullen Flickr Update

So this is just a quick Flickr update. After 23 days off being active in the flickr comminity my “Daily aggregate views on your account” have gone from an adverage of 15 hits a day to 63 Hits a day.

Just goes to show, put in little effort into flickr and you’ll find your images will be exposed to alot more people.

Uploading Next Step

It’s been couple of days since my last proper post, but I have been busy.

My Toy Box series seems to be popular. Specially those that have Stormtroops in.
Hits for those are growing hourly.
I’m uploading new images daily and not just bulk uploading and it seems to work in getting more noticed. From previous experience when you bulk upload only a few of those images get some real attention. But when uploading daily, I seem to be getting more hits on all of them.
Not sure if flickr works like a search engine and SEO. Where the more new content you upload, the more important your page is viewed at.

My next job to do is create a portfolio to show people. I need to choose my best images. Get them printed ‘properly’ and also thinking maybe creating a portfolio on my iPad. While looking though my images I have noticed a distinctive lack of portrait photography.

I should really work on that as well.

The Toy Box Is Open!

Welcome To The Toy Box

The first images of my Toy Box series are now starting to go up on Flickr. As I’ve read in my get noticed stuff before, I’m not going to upload all at once I’m going to go a bit every day.

As always my Flickr link is Have a Look 🙂

Lil’ Flickr Update: UPDATE!

Today my hits have been though the roof, and I have flown past the 10,000 mark.

Hope you continue to enjoy the photography 🙂

Lil’ Flickr Update

Andrew Bullen Flickr Update

Over the past few days I’ve not really done anything on the flickr community, had places to be and people to see. In that time have seen a reasonable drop in hits, Still above what I used to receive but a drop none the less. I have a series of photographs to upload over the following couple of days and hopefully with new images my hits should pick up.

On the same topic of Flickr hits, I’m in the last 100 ‘View Counts’ to reach a total of 10,000. This figure will be from when I first joined flicker back in July of last year.

So keep on viewing!!

Digital Masterpiece Award Flickr

A new Award, This time from “Digital Masterpiece” Group on Flickr. The awarded Photograph is shown above.

I’ve done a bit of photography at home over the last day and a half little series called ‘Toy Box’.
I didn’t really wanna waste my time all monged out. So while being ill, I thought I’d take it easy and have a bit of fun immature photography with some toys. I;ll be uploading in next couple of days.